Jan 10, 2011

Operation Capital Gains pt 3

Wizard was in a good mood.  Everything had gone as smoothly as could be expected.  Sure there were a few hiccups along the way.  But that was nothing new.  Simian and Stygan had handled things fine so far.  Plus Miss Neko had had no problems to speak of.  That, also, was not new.

"Time."  He demanded of the tech at the terminal in front of him.

"Forty-four, twenty-eight, sir."  The tech obediently replied.

"Excellent,"  everything was proceeding according to plan.  "Status on Precision?"  His query on Miss Neko's progress was directed at the tech monitoring the comms channels.

"All sings nominal.  Radio check in," he paused to double check his screen.  "Seventeen seconds, sir."  Wizard had trained his techs well.  They gave precisely the information he asked, and did it in the manner demanded of them.

"Primary objective achieved.  Secondary objective secure."  Miss Neko's sultry voice was right on schedule and music to his ears.  "Returning to base.  Precision, out."

Neko was never much for words.  Say what was needed, nothing more, nothing less.  That's how she always operated and Wizard liked it that way.  She was by far his most effective operative and definitely his favorite.  He'd be sure to reward her well once she returned from New York.  Suddenly he was snapped from his thoughts.

"Sir," apparently the comms tech had something new to report.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Well, sir," the tech was hesitant to continue.  Fearing retribution from Wizard, he continued.  "There seems to be a situation with Hammer."

That was Simian's call-sign.  This can't be good.  "On my screen," he snapped at the tech.  "Now!"  Rage was beginning to swell from deep within him.

The feed from the building Wizard had sent Simian and Stygan to was on the screen in front of him in a mere second.  The scene was indeed not something he wished to see at that moment.  Simian had gotten himself into trouble, again.  At Simian's feet, he could see, was the seemingly lifeless body of what appeared to be a British Intelligence Agent.  More disturbing were the four BI Agents standing between Simian and his objective.  As if on cue, Simian's voice came over the comms.

"Boss, I've got a bit of a situation here."  Always with the obvious, that one.

"I don't care.  Get that Plasmic Generator or you're finished!  You hear me, Simian?"  Wizard didn't wait for a response, cutting the comms off immediately.

His mood was now utterly ruined.  Where did I go wrong with that one?  He mused to himself.  Worse yet, how did British Intelligence know we were going to hit Orion Technologies tonight.  Do I have a leak.  He would have to look into that.  Personally.

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