Jan 10, 2011

Operation Capital Gains pt 3

Wizard was in a good mood.  Everything had gone as smoothly as could be expected.  Sure there were a few hiccups along the way.  But that was nothing new.  Simian and Stygan had handled things fine so far.  Plus Miss Neko had had no problems to speak of.  That, also, was not new.

"Time."  He demanded of the tech at the terminal in front of him.

"Forty-four, twenty-eight, sir."  The tech obediently replied.

"Excellent,"  everything was proceeding according to plan.  "Status on Precision?"  His query on Miss Neko's progress was directed at the tech monitoring the comms channels.

"All sings nominal.  Radio check in," he paused to double check his screen.  "Seventeen seconds, sir."  Wizard had trained his techs well.  They gave precisely the information he asked, and did it in the manner demanded of them.

"Primary objective achieved.  Secondary objective secure."  Miss Neko's sultry voice was right on schedule and music to his ears.  "Returning to base.  Precision, out."

Neko was never much for words.  Say what was needed, nothing more, nothing less.  That's how she always operated and Wizard liked it that way.  She was by far his most effective operative and definitely his favorite.  He'd be sure to reward her well once she returned from New York.  Suddenly he was snapped from his thoughts.

"Sir," apparently the comms tech had something new to report.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Well, sir," the tech was hesitant to continue.  Fearing retribution from Wizard, he continued.  "There seems to be a situation with Hammer."

That was Simian's call-sign.  This can't be good.  "On my screen," he snapped at the tech.  "Now!"  Rage was beginning to swell from deep within him.

The feed from the building Wizard had sent Simian and Stygan to was on the screen in front of him in a mere second.  The scene was indeed not something he wished to see at that moment.  Simian had gotten himself into trouble, again.  At Simian's feet, he could see, was the seemingly lifeless body of what appeared to be a British Intelligence Agent.  More disturbing were the four BI Agents standing between Simian and his objective.  As if on cue, Simian's voice came over the comms.

"Boss, I've got a bit of a situation here."  Always with the obvious, that one.

"I don't care.  Get that Plasmic Generator or you're finished!  You hear me, Simian?"  Wizard didn't wait for a response, cutting the comms off immediately.

His mood was now utterly ruined.  Where did I go wrong with that one?  He mused to himself.  Worse yet, how did British Intelligence know we were going to hit Orion Technologies tonight.  Do I have a leak.  He would have to look into that.  Personally.

Jan 8, 2011

Operation Capital Gains pt 2

"Get up here, like, now."  Stygan was used to getting frantic messages from Simian.  He had a habit of getting into tight spots.  This time his friend sounded a bit more frantic than usual.  Maybe he had gotten in a bit to far over his head.

"On my way," Stygan replied.  There was no response.  He's really in it this time, he thought.  I'd better hurry.

Luckily his pad had finished uploading what ever it was that needed uploading.  It mattered not what that was to Stygan.  He thought little of technology.  A means to an end, he'd always thought.  If Wizard said do it, he'd do it.  So long as he got to bust some heads along the way.  And bust head he had done tonight.  Half a dozen security guards lay motionless on the floor around the room.  As he scooped the pad back into his pocket and turned toward the exit, the nearest guard began to groan and move ever so slightly.

"Aren't you dead?"

The guard's barely audible groan was the only reply.

"Well, I'll have to fix that then."  And with one quick motion, barely noticeable to the human eye, Stygan had brought his sizable foot down on the head of the suffering guard.  Splattering brain and bits of skull in the process.  For good measure he gave his foot a quick twist, grinding some of the bits into the concrete.

"Anyone else still alive in here?"  Stygan got no response this time.  "Good."  His work here was finished.  His thoughts turned back to Simian.  Better go save his sorry ass.  With that thought he broke into a sprint, heading back to the main floor where his friend was in trouble.

Operation Capital Gains pt 1

“This is not good,” exclaimed Simian. “This so not good.” Operation Capital Gains was not going as planned, and was at risk of total failure. Not only that, but the entire European Operations Division was in jeopardy of being exposed. “Wizard’s not going to be happy.”  He reported his status back to base.

“I don't care. Get that Plasmic Regulator, or you’re finished! You hear me, Simian?” Wizard’s voice came over comms dripping with rage. No he was not happy at all. Worst of all he seem angry at Simian, and the current situation wasn’t even his fault. Not this time anyway. How was he to know British Intelligence actually had competent people work for them.

“I hear you, boss,” he replied. After shutting of the transmitter he muttered, “easier said then done.” No this was not going to be easy at all. The Regulator sat just a mere twenty feet away. Between him and it, though, were four of the fiercest looking BI agents he had ever seen.

No if these guys were anything like the one he dispatched a few moments ago, his night would end badly. Very badly, he realized. Unless, with a quick motion he moved his hand to his ear. “Stygan,” he said into the newly reopened comms channel. “I could really use your help up here. Like two minutes ago. Get up here, like now.”

Simian did hear if Stygan gave a reply.  The agents began fanning out and moving toward him.  The fight was on, Simian couldn’t wait for backup.

Jan 7, 2011

Shades To Come

This is a revised edition.  The original can be found here.
As I walk into the room I notice things appear much as they always do. In the center of the room sits a large table, made of mahogany I believe. It's very old as well. Once belonged to Prince Hadjabooti, if I'm not mistaken. Around said table are six chairs, only two of which are in use, despite there being four other people in the room.
Sitting at the head of the table like he owns the place is Stygan. He gets results, so I let him have the appearance of some authority.
To his left facing away from the table and everyone else for that matter sits the lovely, but totally insane Hannah. I keep her around simply for the amusement factor. That and she gets even better results than Stygan.
Standing off in a corner, as she is known to do, waits Miss Neko. She is by far the most effective of my operatives. A quick glance is all it takes for me to know that she is ready to obey any command I give her. That includes killing anyone in the room if need be.
Then of course there is Simian. He sits on the edge of the table as always. I not even sure he knows what a chair is for. Presently he's using one as a foot stool. He's also distracted by the hand-held device he's playing with. So much so that he doesn't notice me until I smack the back of his head and remove the chair from under his feet.
Ow! What was that for?” He asks while rubbing the back of his head with his hand. Momentarily taking his attention from the device.
You need not know why I do such things,” I reply. He says something under his breath that I don't quite catch. Judging by the quick snarl of Neko, I take it she does though. “Now that I have your undivided attention.” Simian has started playing with the hand-held again. I take it away as I continue. “I have a job that requires all of you.”
Oh yeah?” That was Stygan this time. “I only have two questions. Where and when?”
If you let me finish, I'll tell you. The Eggheads in the Science Department have need of some rare materials. I need you to acquire these and get back here as soon as possible.” I start handing out individual assignments. “Good news is everything we need is in one place. Bad news, it's a heavily guarded Government facility. Three items are all that's required. They are in three different rooms on two separate levels. Simian, Stygan, you get the two on level five. Here and here.” I point them out on the blueprints.
Neko, Hannah.”
I like the pretty pictures.” Hannah piped in, referring to the blueprints. One would hope anyway. Who knows what goes on in that insane head of hers.
Yes, well, you two will be handling the big score on the third level.”
Wait. How come they only have to get the one thing and we have to get two?” Asked Simian. Always with the questions that one.
Because, you two are likely too break what's on level three. And we really need that item. The other two we can make do with out. Get the picture?” I don't wait for a response. “Good. Now get going.”
-Later that day-
You did what!” I yell into the comms. All chatter in the Communications Room suddenly stops as I quickly stand up, knocking my chair over in the process. It's a nice chair too. Leather, and Corinthian at that. We got it from an old Chrysler Imperial. Or was that a Cordoba? I forget. Anyway, Simian has succeeded in nearly fouling up the whole damn mission. Again.
Yeah, uh, sorry boss. I kinda set off the security system.”
How in the... Oh, never mind, I don't want to know. Just get the items and get out. Oh and try not to mess anything else up.”
Right Boss. We'll try.”
I let out a long sigh. “That's the best that I can ask for.” And it is. I can't even expect them to arrive with all three items intact. I'll be happy if just one is usable.
I was lucky today, they made it back with all three items in seemingly fully operable condition. To say I was surprised is a understatement of epic proportions.
Here you go Boss.” Simian said as he laid all three items on the table. “All items as requested. And not broken neither.”
Well that remains to be seen.” I replied. Turning to Neko I said, “Take these down to the lab for me. Make sure no one else touches them.”
Neko took the items from me, turned, and left without so much as a word. She's like that. Not much for words, she lets her actions speak for her. It's no wonder she's my favorite.
Turning back to the others I said, “Now the rest of you go get some sleep. We have another big day tomorrow.”
They exit the Command Center with nary a word. Except for Hannah who skips off singing something about people living in cars.